• ALBO Project Workshop

    ALBO Project Workshop

  • LAVREB siena

    LAVREB University of Siena

  • Core Competence

    Core Competence

  • Experiment on Virtual Reality

    Experiments on Virtual Movies

  • Conference Experiential Learning 2013

    Conference on Experiential Learning 2013

  • Neuroscience and economics

    Neuroscience and economics

  • Virtual reality

    Virtual reality and risk perception



Job-Related Stress

HSE Health and Safety Executive - Job-Related Stress

The 8 Types of Work Related Stress – Huffington Post

                                     Program for Anxiety & Traumatic Stress Studies (PATSS)

 Safety at Work Blog

Risk Perception

Center for Risk Perception and Communication, Carnegie Mellon University

David Ropeik’s website

Paul Slovic's website

A Walk through Risk - Video by Paul Slovic

Virtual Reality

Laboratory of Virtual Reality and Economic Behavior

L'Entreprise Virtuelle - Ministère du Travail République Francaise

ManuVAR Project

VRML Virtual Reality Modeling Language

Welcome to Interstress

Neuroscience and Neuroeconomics

ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories

Center for Neuroeconomic Studies, Duke University

MIT World » : Neuroeconomics

The Neurocritic

Neuroeconomics at Caltech

Neuroeconomics - NYU CNE

Society for Neuroeconomics


Human Brain Mapping - Journal

Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience

Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging

The Journal of Neuroscience Online

Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology, and Economics

Judgment and Decision Making

Risk Analysis

Work & Stress


Interuniversity Center for Experimental Economics

ESCoP: The European Society for Cognitive Psychology

IAREP - International Association for Research in Economic Psychology


Princeton Neuroscience Institute

UZH - Institute for Empirical Research in Economics


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