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ALBO Project Workshop

meetingThe ALBO project will be presented at the University of Siena, Polo Mattioli, Aula 2  on Tuesday, June 25, 2013. The Workshop will host presentations on the assessment of job related stress by means of the tools of low immersive virtual reality.

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Virtual Movie Versus Real Movie for Stress Assessment


This pilot study is part of the Albo project and uses the Virtual Reality tools for assessing potential factors of stress in workplaces. The present experiment aims to verify the presence of differences in the physiological and cognitive activation while subjects watching movies (movie 1= real-word scenario; video 2= virtual scenario). H1: the virtual movie allows a lower empathy (low variability psycho-physiological), then we expect a more detailed narrative and a greater detection of ‘errors’ by the experimental subjects, thanks to a more objective perspective.

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Psychological pressure in competitive environments

sport-brain5The paper "Is there psychological pressure in competitive environments?" by Francesco Feri, Alessandro Innocenti and Paolo Pin and edited on December 2012 as LabSi Working Paper n. 44/2012 ISSN 1825-8131 (online version) 1825-8123 (print version)is a publication of the ALBO Project.

It provides laboratory evidence on the effect of psychological pressure in competitive environments. In our experiment, we analyze a setup of sequential tournaments, in which participants are matched in pairs and experience a kind of pressure that, as in most real world professional tasks, is not perceived as uncommon or exceptional. We do not find support for the first-mover advantage, while we obtain that second-movers perform significantly better under psychological pressure. Moreover we find that psychological pressure affects heterogeneously the performance of the subjects.

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ALBO at the Conference on Experiential Learning in Virtual Worlds

headvlThe ALBO Project was presented at the 3rd Global Conference on Experiential Learning  in Virtual Worlds, which was held in Lisbon (Portugal) on March 7-9, 2013. The presentation was entitled "The ALBO Project- Virtual Working Environments for the Detection of Organizational Well-Being"

Paper Abstract. Substantial evidence from social and cognitive psychology suggests that lot of behaviors are driven by processes operating outside of awareness. Many implicit or indirect measures to capture such processes have been proposed. The aim of the Albo Project is verify, both theoretically and experimentally, if the traditional instruments for assessing work-related stress (questionnaires, check-lists and interviews) are inappropriate to detect the individual perception of psycho-social risk factors in work environments.

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Core Competence

bg teaser nutzenCore-Competence GmbH is the inventor of Adventure-based Learning™. Since 2007, the coaching specialist has continually developed its special Adventure method with the close cooperation of universities and partners. Customers receive learning Adventures that are custom-made to suit their individual needs, e.g., for specific user groups like service teams or sales partners. In comparison to typical training methods, participants in Adventure-based Learning™ can be more efficiently and more cost-effectively trained. The tool motivates people to learn through game-based incentives, a virtual Coach and simulations utilizing the acquired knowledge, which improves knowledge and skills in the long term. Today, industry leaders such as Microsoft, Deutsche Telekom, Edeka and Red Bull are already profiting from its use.

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