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    ALBO Project Workshop

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    Conference on Experiential Learning 2013

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    Virtual reality and risk perception


ALBO project

The ALBO project seeks to further our knowledge of well being at workplaces and the way it is surveyed and monitored. The empirical part of the research will be carried out in Italy in a number of existing organisations (a small sized municipality, two large sized companies from the pulp & paper and the building sector plus a group of SMEs from agriculture and manufacturing) that have accepted to become project pilot units.

Specifically, the research programme aims at exploring the emergence and the dynamics of psychosocial risks among the employees of these organisations, as well as to develop virtual and immersive work environments for the assessment and management of those risks according to the provisions of country specific laws and regulations.

The ALBO project is funded by the Tuscany Region in the framework of PAR FAS 2007-2013 Linea di azione 1.1.a.3 in agreement with the University of Siena.


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