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Virtual reality and risk perception

natostation-virtual-reality-simulator-future-gadget-nelson-ayala-01The Albo project team is conducting a research project on "Risk perception and virtual reality". This project aims at investigating risk perception in virtual environments.  By simulating risks and hazards in high-immersive virtual environments (HIVE), we intend to detect which types of communication convey better information and trigger the appropriate heuristics to perceive risks correctly. We also plan to define a method to enhance the management of risk in low-immersive virtual environments (LIVE). The weaker sense of presence experienced in LIVE enables individuals to adjust the heuristics adopted in real settings, to refine risk perception and to improve skills for managing stressful and traumatic situations. The project intends to provide evidence that virtual reality can be a useful tool to analyze risk misperceptions and to improve mental readiness in choices under risk.

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